No more school! (Until September)

From the start, G was picked on in school. Her hair was shorter than most of the girls and she didn’t just enjoy Barbie, babies and pink. She loved Star Wars, football and wrestling figures.

They called her a boy.

We told her teacher and it went away. For a while. A few weeks ago, she told us it had started up again. I told the teacher again. It carried on. We had a meeting with the headmaster, measure were put in place.

They were not stuck to.

Every day, her diary would state “I have had a lovely day,” yet G would be withdrawn, crying for no good reason and telling us, “It was awful.” We decided to move schools, and informed her school of that.

Last Wednesday, G told us she’d been hit. Punched in the mouth. She had a mark on her bottom lip, that looked like she’d bitten it. She got so upset that she gave herself a very upset stomach and had an incident in the bathroom. Her diary said, “I’ve had a lovely day with my friends.” We told the school again, saying if she was hit that they should phone my wife immediately.

My wife was told we were “overly exaggerating.”

G is five. She’d made herself sick through stress. AT FIVE.

We decided to pull her out of school straight away and home school until September, when she’ll start in a new school, going straight into Year 1. This way, we’ll be able to coax our daughter back and spare her the stress of starting a new school, attending for just six weeks and then having a six week holiday over the summer.

Starting home ed today, we found out that after seven months of sfull-time education, our daughter can barely read or write. She says they only did writing one day a week. They did, however, spend weeks working on the Gruffalo - a musical version of it. Not reading or writing about it.

She’s not stupid. She can tell you who Henry VIII’s daughters were and point out paintings by Picasso and Klimt. But she barely recognises the easiest of words, and can only use phonics to pronounce some letters.

We have between now and September to get our daughter back, and get her back on track.

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